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Collecting, generating, and providing the necessary information for the execution of a flight is one of the most important functions in the aviation world. Providing the pilot with the necessary data to establish an operational flight plan is a decisive action to ensure safe flights. The Aircraft Dispatcher’s job is to coordinate all these variables to ensure that the flight operation is conducted as safely and economically as possible.

What are the duties of an Aircraft Dispatcher?

Among the main functions of an Aircraft Dispatcher is to supervise and sign off on aircraft dispatch services, such as the analysis of take-off, en-route, and landing performance to be met. It must also assist pilots in the preparation of the flight plan, providing information on meteorological data of the place of departure, route, destination, and alternatives, as well as forecasts of the route to be flown, the technical conditions of the destination airports and their alternatives, (including the facilities, services, radio aids and facilities provided).

In case of emergency, it is the Aircraft Dispatcher who is responsible for initiating the procedures indicated in the company’s operations manual. Likewise, he is in charge of the ship’s safety, by determining and controlling the distribution, lashing, and securing of the ship’s loads; the distribution of the fuel loaded in the tanks; and everything related to the stability of the aircraft.

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Curso de Flight Dispacher (OCC)

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Curso de Flight Dispacher (OCC)

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