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360 Aviation Life Technical Aviation Academy is an entity that provides information, advice, and training to all those interested in joining the aviation industry, especially to those students and professionals who wish to progress in their careers by training through study centers.

360 Aviation Life is an aviation technical academy offering professional training, information, and advice for the aviation industry. Our courses are designed to provide comprehensive training for beginners in the field and to provide quality and enduring education for professionals who wish to advance their careers.

Our history

The 360 Aviation Life Academy was created as a project to facilitate and share knowledge, experience, and information with aviation industry personnel interested in continuing their learning to enhance their skills and develop as professionals. Since its opening, it has received an excellent reception from the public, establishing links with America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Discovering that there was a huge gap between the demand for information and training for the aeronautical industry and the services available, it decided to enter into strategic alliances with different companies in the sector to provide complete and quality training to all interested parties.

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Our courses

Our institution currently has training courses and exams for obtaining the aeronautical maintenance license according to EASA regulation 1321 of 2014. We also offer type training courses on the Airbus A320 CEO, NEO, Boeing 373, and A330. In addition, we offer other courses in conjunction with the Aeronautical School of Catalonia such as: flight dispatcher courses, handling agents, electrical/electronic troubleshooting, inspection and repair of structural damage, and aeronautical logistics.


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