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360 Aviation Life is an aviation technical academy that offers professional training, information, and advice for the aviation industry.

Títulos Oficiales

Official courses

Our courses are developed by top level professionals with extensive experience in the aeronautical industry. All courses offered comply with EASA European regulations.

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Students will benefit from bilateral agreements with Airlines and Maintenance Centers in which they will perform "On Job Training" (OJT) in state-of-the-art aircraft.

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Qualifying licenses

Our aircraft maintenace courses include the license exam required to become a certified professional. Get your B1, B2 and B1.3 EASA Aircraft Maintenance Licenses.

Our Aeronautical Training Courses

The best aeronautical training courses for students and professionals. Expand your knowledge and take your career to the next level.

Curso de Flight Dispacher (OCC)

Flight Dispatcher

Achieving the Flight Dispatch and Operations Control Technician degree offers a wide range of career opportunities.

Handling Agent

Handling Agent

Our course follows the recommendations of the world’s leading aircraft handling agents and airlines for ground staff, guaranteeing an easy and fast job placement.

Avionics Troubleshooting

Avionics Troubleshooting

At 360 Aviation Life, we have developed a Troubleshooting training course that allows any maintenance technician to understand electro-electronic systems quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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Aircraft type courses

Aircraft type courses are the trainings that you need to complete successfully in order to endorse an aircraft type to your aircraft maintenance licence.

Our Aviation Blog

Much more than just information, this is where your professional career begins.

inteligencia artificial en la aviacion

Aviation transformation: AI in aviation

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing aviation, opening up a new horizon of possibilities for aerial transformation. This technology has the potential to improve operational efficiency, enhance

Expand your knowledge
and succeeds in the aeronautics industry