Avionics Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting

Aeronautical Maintenance Technician Training Course

With the world of commercial aviation booming, the 21st-century aviation maintenance technician must be knowledgeable about new avionics systems and possess strong electro-electronic troubleshooting skills. Fast response and fault resolution ensure less time on the ground for the aircraft. This is why technicians with high troubleshooting skills are in high demand in today’s market.

Advantages of a Career in Troubleshooting

The search for efficiency and safety in the air has led to the development of increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment. Maintenance work on the latest generation of aircraft, such as the A350 and Boeing 787, has been reduced through the use of predictive maintenance. This requires further knowledge of automated systems or on-board avionics equipment.

The objective of this training is to enable aircraft maintenance technicians/engineers to identify and correct the causes of failures and malfunctions in aircraft systems effectively using the best troubleshooting techniques in accordance with applicable MRO maintenance procedures and manufacturers’ documentation.

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At 360 Aviation Life, we have developed a Troubleshooting training course that allows any maintenance technician to understand electro-electronic systems quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Our training includes:

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