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Key information

Practice and Examination Venue: Barcelona

A320 CEO start date: 06/10/24
A320 NEO start date: 07/29/24
Practical for A320 CEO and NEO: 08/15/24

Language: English (course and exam)

Mode of study: Online

Theoretical for A320 CEO: 36 days
Theoretical for A320 NEO: 12 days
Practical for A320 : 08/15/2024

As a student of our course, you will be able to obtain an Airbus A320 Aircraft Maintenance Technician License in its CEO & NEO versions. In this course you will learn the various techniques and practices you need to take your first steps in the world of aviation with one of the world’s most popular passenger aircraft.

Depending on the study mode you choose, you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge to operate the aircraft’s systems and avionics, including the enhanced engine and avionics technology on the Airbus A320 family.

The information provided through our training is essential in order to obtain a Airbus A320 CEO & NEO Aircraft Maintenance Technician’s License according to the regulations of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Once the registration fee is paid, you will receive the necessary material for the study and preparation of the course. With our virtual study mode you will have complete flexibility in your training with recorded online classes and streaming videos available on our platform.


All our courses, including the Airbus A320 NEO Aircraft Maintenance License exam, are taught entirely in English.

Information about the course and its modality

The training and examination program offered by 360 Aviation Life consists of:

Course Approval Modality

To pass the Airbus A320 CEO & NEO Aircraft Maintenance Course you must pass the exams/modules with a result higher than 75%. of hits. The exam will be a multiple choice test with three options of which only one is correct. The basic experience requirements vary according to the aeronautical training attended.

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